Odeon Contact Number – 0800 888 911

‬‬‬ ‬Contact Odeon on their freephone contact number 0800 888 911 if you would like to make a booking for a film screening by telephone, or call them on their customer services number 0333 006 7777 to register a formal complaint with the company.‬‬‬‬‬

About Odeon Cinemas

Odeon is a cinema company that operates in the United Kingdom and Ireland, which with UCI, comprises the Odeon Cinemas Group. The first cinema to use the Odeon brand name was opened in Birmingham in 1930 but has since that time; the group has become one of the most prolific chains in the country. For instance in 2016, Odeon was the largest cinema company by market share in the whole of the UK. Odeon screens a range of blockbuster films along with lesser known independent cinema and even music concerts.


Odeon Bookings Helpline – 0800 888 911

Contact Odeon on their freephone filmline and bookings helpline number 0800 888 911 to ask what’s on at your local cinema so that you can purchase a ticket for your requested film by telephone. Callers should enquire about screening times before requesting a price list for both full priced adult and concessionary tickets. You can enquire discuss the prices of VIP tickets depending on your preferred seating. Alternatively Odeon customers should contact a representative on the bookings helpline to enquire about group discounts if you are looking to reserve tickets with friends or family.


Odeon Customer Services and Complaints – 0333 006 7777

Contact Odeon on their customer services and complaints helpline number 0333 006 7777 if you are unhappy with the standard of one the cinema’s film screenings. For instance you should call the helpline if a particular screening was not up to the typical standard as expected from the cinema or if there was a technical issue with the projector. Callers may even discuss the possibility of claiming for a refund if they believe that their enjoyment has been impaired. However you can also call Odeon’s customer services if you are happy with the conduct of a particular member of staff so that you can make a formal complaint.


Call Costs and Opening Hours

Odeon’s booking helpline operates a freephone 0800 number that is completely free to call from both UK landlines and mobiles. However the Odeon customer service helpline runs a local 03 number that charges the same standard per-minute rate as any geographical call from either mobiles or landlines. You may be able to contact the customer services team for free if you are using up your inclusive free minutes offered by your telephone’s service provider. Both of Odeon’s helplines run the same opening hours of 9am-6pm Monday to Thursday, 9am-7pm Saturday, 10am-5pm Sunday.


Useful Odeon Contact Numbers


Odeon Department UK Contact Number Opening Hours
Filmline Information and Bookings 0800 888 911 9am-6pm Monday to Thursday, 9am-7pm Saturday, 10am-5pm Sunday
Customer Services and Complaints 0333 006 7777 9am-6pm Monday to Thursday, 9am-7pm Saturday, 10am-5pm Sunday


Find Your Nearest Odeon

You can find the address and contact details of your nearest Odeon using their Online Cinema Locator so that you can book a ticket in person.


Online FAQs

If you have been unable to contact an Odeon representative by telephone but require additional support then you can do so online when searching the FAQ Contact Page for information regarding your enquiries.


Odeon or Home Cinema?

Whilst it is undisputed that the finest way to enjoy films is at cinemas such as Odeon it is considerably cheaper to enjoy films in your own home. Furthermore modern advances in television screens means you can enjoy popular movies in 4K high definition which is closer to the full cinematic experience. Although streaming services and dedicated film channels such as Sky Movies will never show movies currently in cinemas they are a convenient alternative.