Ticketmaster Contact Number: 0333 321 9999

You can contact the UK Ticketmaster office on their dedicated customer service phone number 0333 321 9999 to contact a representative regarding an issue with a recent booking or for support when ordering a ticket for an upcoming event.


Profile of Ticketmaster

Ticketmaster Entertainment is an online ticket sales outlet that acts as an agent to clients hosting events around the globe. Specifically, the company allows its millions of customers to purchase tickets for a variety of events, whether for popular music gigs or comedy tours.


UK Customer Services – 0333 321 9999

You can call Ticketmaster on their UK customer service contact number 0333 321 9999 to make an over-the-phone enquiry about an order made on their online store. For instance, you should use this number for technical support if your booking is not showing in the ‘recent orders’ section of your online account. Moreover, if you have made a mistake with your order then you can cancel a ticket or even change your delivery address provided that a hard copy has not yet been dispatched. By this token, the customer service department is also useful for anyone who would like to track an order that has not yet arrived. Moreover, if you would to go to a popular event and are worried that it will sell out before you are able to buy a ticket then you should ask Ticketmaster for the exact time that the sales go live. Alternatively, you can use this number to ask how to redeem any credit on a Ticketmaster gift card so that you do not have to use a bank account to make a payment. Furthermore, you should use this number to ask whether you are eligible for any concessionary discounts for a particular event if you are a student or over 65. The customer service advisor may also be able to offer support regarding whether a particular event provides wheelchair accessible seating before you make your purchase.


Complaints and Refunds – 0333 321 9999

Call Ticketmaster UK on their refunds helpline number 0333 321 9999 for over-the-phone support regarding the returns policy for a particular event. However, it should be noted that the company would likely only offer a full refund if an event has been cancelled by the organizer. Alternatively, you may have to sell on any unwanted tickets on the Ticketmaster resale site. If you are unhappy with the company’s returns policy or with any other dealings that you have had with Ticketmaster then you can use this number to register a formal complaint about their service.


Information about Call Costs to Ticketmaster

Calls to the Ticketmaster customer service helpline are chargeable at a local per-minute rate from both UK landlines and mobile phones but may be free to make if you have any leftover inclusive free minutes offered by your service provider as part of your tariff deal. Furthermore, the UK office of the company is available to take calls during the opening hours of 9am-8pm Monday to Friday and 10am-4pm weekends GMT.


Ticketmaster Online Help Centre

If a Ticketmaster customer service advisor has not been able to assist you with your enquiry over the phone then you may have better luck when searching the Ticketmaster’s Online Help Centre for specific assistance.